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Agro commodities prices

Prices of  agro commodities from 170  Indian wholesale markets -  maximum and minimum prices, arrivals

Bajra, Barley, Jowar, Maize, Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Arecanut ( Betelnut /Supari), Cashew nuts, Cotton, Apple, Grapes, Jack Fruit, Lime, Mango, Pine Apple, Castor Seed, Groundnut, Groundnut (Split), Mustard, Mustard, Sarson (Black), Sesame, Soya bean, Sunflower, Gur ( Jaggery ) , Arhar (Tur), Arhar Dal(Tur), Black Gram Dal, Masur Dal, Masuri Dal, Cummin Seed (Jeera), Ginger, Banana - Green, Brinjal, Carrot, Cauliflower, Coriander, Cucumber, Green Chilly, Onion, Ridge guard, Tomato


Essential oil prices  - Carmel Exports

Essential oil prices  - Elixir Extracts

Jasmine concrete and absolute prices

Jatropha seed and oil prices

Solanesol prices

Aloe vera gel powder prices

Stevia buyback (stevia seedlings and dried stevia leaves) prices

Sarpagandha (Rauwolfia Serpentina Roots) prices

Tamil Nadu mango prices

We are ready to supply  100% Pure  Basil Oil(ocimum sanctum) i.e., Tulsi Oil @  price of Rs.1,490/ kg.
M/s KPK Aromass International, Tamilnadu , October 25, 2005

Aloe vera prices

Pomegranate seeds, papaya seeds, watermelon seeds, mango kernel powder prices

Calcium sennoside prices

Herbs, ayurvedic raw material prices

Bio-fertilizer , bio- compost prices

Bio-fungicide prices

Indigo, Gymnema leaves , extract prices

Guar gum and splits prices

Herbal & tobacco beedi prices

Ashwagandha extract prices

Stevia dried leaves price

Stevia buyback (stevia seedlings and dried stevia leaves prices)

Prices of popular cash crops in India


Safed Musli (Indian ginseng) 


Vanilla beans            News report on price of vanilla beans in India - July 4, 2005

Rubber - RSS4, RSS5, latex - prices from Rubber board , government of India


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