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The online publisher have observed that even in the largest companies in India, the purchase department spend days or even weeks to locate a new supplier of  a particular product and to get a quotation. By listing price lists from companies from India, we hope to reduce the time taken for making a purchase decision

You can now get enquiries and orders from buyers worldwide by simply listing your prices on our website. 

At present, we list products from Indian manufacturers or suppliers FREE.

Send us your price list and start receiving enquiries from buyers!

To have your products listed, please ensure that  the following information is sent  to us by email or through our supplier registration form

Company name:

Postal address:

Telephone no:

Fax no.:

Email :

Website :

Name of contact person :

Product description:

Unit of measurement, currency:


Terms and conditions:

If you have custom made products, you can list prices for last few products sold by you.

For multiple products, you may use the following excel spreadsheet : Excel format. Alternately, you can send your product description and price list as a text file.

In case any clarifications are required, please send an email , use our feedback form with your address, phone no. and complete specifications. We will upload the data within a week of receipt of the information.

Raw material costs can constitute up to 50% of the price of the finished product.

By reducing the raw material costs, your product will be more competitive in the market

If you wish to get a better price for any raw material input or any product , send a detailed email with your requirement or fill  the request for quote form . This is a free service for buyers.


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