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Gold and silver prices  in Indian Rupees


Steel product prices in India

Pig iron prices - Basant Marketing              Pig iron prices - Global Views

HMS1, 2 , used rail prices (August 2005)

HMS1, 2 , used rail prices (November 2005)

TMT steel price

Spark electrode (tungsten copper) prices

Aluminium foil prices

Stainless steel plates, coils, pipes, flats, circle prices (Kanti Metal)

Stainless steel prices (Maruti Metal)

Stainless steel 304 annealed tube prices

Daily market prices for Heavy Melting Scrap, Ingot, Tor Steel, Billets  - Ghaziabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Mandi          

Domestic Market Prices (Rs/Tonne) -- May 2005 (including freight and excise, excluding sales tax)
For Rerollable scrap, Ingot, Billet, Wire Rod 8mm, HRC 2.5mm at  Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Bhavnagar, Mandi


Non-Ferrous metal prices

Tantalum prices

Copper wire rod and bar prices

London Metal Exchange Official Daily  prices for  Aluminum alloy,  Aluminum , Copper , Lead , Nickel, Tin and Zinc

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