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In India, most of the companies offering Web hosting and accepting payment in Indian rupees are small companies. They are usually resellers of Web hosting companies in USA. Based on our experience , most of these companies do not offer consistent service. We have tried hosting with 5 web hosting companies in India. One particularly unscrupulous hosting company listed their contact as the owner of our website in Alexa, after taking full payment from us.

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The cheapest hosting package was Rs 3000 for 200 MB Windows 2000 hosting  and the most expensive package was Rs 1500 for 10 MB Linux hosting. Most Indian companies do not offer support on Sundays and usually work from 10 am to 5 pm.  So if  your server is down on weekends or long holidays like Diwali , you cannot do anything about it. If you are looking for cheap web hosting, it is advisable to purchase hosting directly from companies in USA. Many reputed web hosting companies offer  6000 MB web space for as little as Rs 8100 per year and 24/7 customer support. We have listed the prices and features offered by the 2 major internet portals in India -  Indiatimes  and Rediff  . Tata Indicom (VSNL) has  introduced domain registration and hosting services for Small and Medium Enterprises in March 2006.

Indiatimes hosting

250MB Disk space for hosting ,  5 GB monthly data transfer , Windows server, MSQL database

Only 1 domain can be hosted

Price per year - Rs 2500

They have listed several modes of payment like  Cash on delivery (COD), Cheque collection, etc  on their website. When you contact them by email, they will ask you to pay by credit card as processing time for all other modes of payment is a minimum of  15 days. For any problem, you have to contact their Hyderabad phone number , only between 10 am to 6 pm , Monday to Friday. If  problems occur on weekends, no support is provided. Since Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have the largest number of  internet users in India, this is inconvenient. Since the hosting is offered on similar servers, it is likely to be reliable , but customization could be difficult.


get paid for searching, data entry, to post on forums

Rediff Hosting

100 MB Disk Space, data transfer not defined, Linux or windows server available at the same rate

Price per year  - Rs 2400

Payment mode not defined on website. No web stats provided for basic plan. You have to contact their business associate for more information


VSNL (Tata Indicom) has recently introduced domain name registration and web hosting services. Their rates for domain registration are fairly high but for Windows IIS 6.0 based hosting their rates are competitive (for the Indian market). For 10MB space they charge Rs 550 per annum and for 25 MB space Rs 1250 per year. However , you have to register the domain name with Tata Indicom , to host the website with them.


You can register your  domain name at competitive prices and have complete control, flexibility for hosting over your domain name. Please click on link  for more details Domain name availability and prices


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Please send  your offers for  web hosting (if you accept payment in Indian rupees) by email for listing on this website

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get paid for searching, data entry, to post on forums